- 101 - The Science behind Bloom

Bloom brings together
Art, Science and Spirituality.
Décor = Wellbeing? How?

(2 mins read)

Based on revolutionary principles of
design, psychology, neuroscience, brain chemistry & quantum physics.

Simple, yet mighty practices shared in several books by# 1 NY-Times best-selling authors made simple, beautiful & accessible.

Bringing the common practices and tools leveraged by the 'greats' across industries - What they attribute their success and fulfilment to for us to practice as well.

Chapter 1


Did you know that in a day, we have 12,000 to 70,000 thoughts?

And these thoughts are largely repetitive? You'll be blown away that the thoughts you have today are 95% same as the thoughts you had yesterday!

Studies suggest that 80% of these these thoughts are negative!

Insane, right?

Chapter 2


They go in loops. On auto-pilot mode. Deep in our subconscious mind, without us being even 'mindful!'

And it all adds to overwhelm, anxiety and other mental health challenges.

Bloom's Décor = Anchors to breakthrough

Create an environment to thrive
Chapter 3


Meaningful, mindful, conscious anchors in our physical environment that help us breakthrough the negative thought patterns and nurture empowering, positive ones.

Art thats not just for beautifying the physical space but also your mental space.

Chapter 4


Scientifically, they align the Reticular Activating System (RAS) in our brain that is in-charge of filtering what we focus on. And what we focus on, it grows.

They train our subconscious mind, shape our limiting believes and nurture the tone of our internal dialogue.

Chapter 5


You must have heard that "We are a product of our environment." It influences our energy, our vibe, our tribe. It touches our mental and overall wellbeing.

The world outside becomes the world inside, and its a double edged sword. We have the capacity to choose uninspiring, dull, lifeless environments OR positive, creative and energising ones.

Décor is not just about the aesthetics. For us, its much deeper to bring a lasting, positive, conscious change. Its about being meaningful, mindful and positive – to make you feel-good, think-good and live-good!