Hi there, you beautiful legend!

I am Sahej.

It means balance. Calm. Peace. Patience. Sweetness. Tranquility.

Of course, that's the meaning of my name - but does it mean that my life is always at Sahej?

Its quite the opposite, but like most of us, I strive towards it. :D

I am grateful to be raised in an environment where the dinner table conversations were about design. Credit my Dad, who constructs luxury homes in India.

Since the age of 12, I remember cherished creative, décor projects. From crafting clocks to - designing rooms to - to doing homes. At times for our own home or for my Dad's clients. Furniture, curtains, cushions, lighting, décor - you name it!

My Mum had been suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a pathetic, pathetic, pathetic neurological disease. I wanted to study how the mind thinks.

During the last semester of Uni, I chanced upon a book about human development, neuroscience & psychology by Dale Carnegie.

And voila! Magic happened!

I kind of struck & started exploring deeper, my purpose!

As I grew up, just like sheep, I chose to study IT, like most Indians, duh! Worked a few glorious years at Accenture.

But something was missing. The passion, the thrill, maybe?

Also a mate, Saurabh, was working in young, scaling startups Ola at the time. Now my dinner conversations were about startups & the enthu. I knew where I am headed...

Without digging very deep, I quit ACC & chose to come to Melbourne to study Masters in Information Systems at Melbourne Uni.

But did I want to go back work at bigger corporations again in tech? I didn't think so! And boy, was it the best decision I ever made? Hell yeah!

Everything came together for me, upon me, through me.

With décor as my tool, my muse, my magic...
I bring simple, yet radical and life changing tools and practices - that the 'greats' across industries attribute their success and fulfilment to - for us to practice as well.

Everything based on science and research.

1. Décor. I could do décor forever, for free! Rather I'd always been doing it for my friends & beyond.

2. Mindset & Potential. I realised mindset is the key to anything. What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. It all begins with a vision and my personal journey at Bloom began.

3. Inner Wellbeing. We all are hurting some way or the other mentally. Our mental health is going berserk & inner wellbeing is hurting - globally - more than ever because of the pandemic.

It was to bring another perspective to the décor industry that's driven by "aesthetics".

And Bloom was born.

Since then, there's no turning back but all happy faces for so much love we are getting back! Meet Nupur, my partner and backbone.

We have thus far built a a small but very passionate team of dreamers & creators in bringing you the goodness for you home. To nurture your inner wellbeing and cherish quality, extraordinary living.

We are on a 10 year mission is to make Bloom a global accent décor brand - Gymshark of décor & bring a positive change, one life at a time.

My aim is to bring you collections of unordinary décor pieces that bring light up your home, body & soul.

While technology & the world seems to be progressing, Mother Earth is pissed! Its been signalling us in her own ways... from tsunamis to rising sea levels to climate change... and now, the global pandemic! We strive to do the best we can and give back to Mother Earth.

Born a Sikh, I inculcated a couple values - One Love and Seva (to serve & give back). With every purchase, Bloom serves underprivileged sections of society in India & Africa to feed hunger.

Let's stay friends