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Simple, yet mighty practices shared in several books by # 1 NY-Times best-selling authors made accessible.

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Did you know that in a day, we have 12,000 to 70,000 thoughts?

And these thoughts are largely repetitive? You'll be blown away that the thoughts you have today are 95% same as the thoughts you had yesterday!

Studies suggest that 80% of these these thoughts are negative!

Insane, right?


Self Talk

Have you ever noticed that we all have an internal dialogue, a self talk, the voice with which we speak to ourselves?

For some, this self talk is so negative that if someone else talks to you the same way, you'll NEVER talk to them again. EVER.

The voice in our mind, the story we tell ourselves shapes everything around for us. 

Chapter 3


We operate in loops. Loops of thoughts - on auto-pilot mode. Repetitive patterns of thoughts, triggered unconsciously.

Same thoughts, same actions.
Same actions, same results.
Same results, same feelings.
Same feelings, same thoughts.

And the saga continues.

It influences everything including our health, wellbeing, relationships, work, finances etc. How you ask?

Its just that we function in loops.

So how do we breakthrough these negative self-talk patterns?
We have formed them over our lifetime - is it even possible to break them?

Absolutely. Its simple, but its not easy.

Since they are seated deep within our subconscious, it's easy to get motivated towards a positive change
for an hour, a day, a week - but it all fades back to 'normal' in sometime.

That's what happens when we watch motivational content online, right?
Its very simple for a thought to get drained in everyday life.

Chapter 4


That's why we bring a very powerful and impactful concept from neuroscience and psychology called Anchoring

We induce anchors within our physical environment to disrupt the negative thought patterns, and help build positive, empowering ones. 

Our Tool = Mindful, conscious décor = Anchors.

Being permanent within our space, they act as constant friendly reminders through everyday life while adding to the aesthetic charm, bringing in freshness and positivity.

Without being overwhelming.

Chapter 5

Golden Tools

So what do you anchor to?

Practices and a way of thinking that endorses
mindfulness, gratitude, goal setting, affirmations, manifestation, visualisation, self love, self care and connection with the nature.

The practices are
+ extensively studied to have immense advantages
+ mentioned by NY Times best selling authors
+ the greats and most-celebrated across industries attribute their success to, for us to leverage as well.

With anchors, we create a nurturing environment to make these practices and tools accessible. So we also focus on our mental wellbeing.

These help bring dramatic compounding effect on how we feel and quality of our lives.

Bloom is disruptive only for this reason that it disrupts your self-destructive, negative self talk patterns. Through statement décor pieces, Bloom introduces seeds of an empowering thought patterns and create a positive, mindful change.

Chapter 6


Our mind is a wonderful thing.
You can say it constitutes 2 levels: Conscious (~10%) and Subconscious (~90%).

Conscious mind = handles logical part of thinking (analysis, planning, seats the short term thoughts).

Subconscious mind = sits way deeper. (Seats your long memory, emotions, habits, patterns, traumas, our story, internal dialogue, and even the identity/image you have of yourself.)

Its the deeper compass. It influences the decisions we make everyday unconsciously.

The anchors help re-wire your self-talk, seated in the deeper Subconscious.

Chapter 7


Did you know? Our little brains are bombarded with millions of pieces of information every second, especially in the digital age?

Our brain will explode if we process all that information. Since the brain is smart, it filters through most of it.

But how does it filter? What does it process and let the majority go unnoticed?

There is a part of our brain called Reticular Activating System (RAS) that helps us with the filtering.

It lets in only the information that is relevant to us, things we resonate with. It presents information that conforms to your deeper believes. If our internal dialogue is mostly negative, we tend to notice the BS and the circle continues.

Anchors train our mind to focus on the good and let go our limiting beliefs.

Chapter 8


Humans have a superpower.

It's taken tens of millions of years of evolution to have the human brain we have today. Our 10% conscious mind may not seem much but its the superpower that no other fellow species have!

With this gift that you and I have... We have the power to consciously do the inner work, align better with things that matter the most to us.

Chapter 9


For certain things, with the story we have, we 'talk' ourselves into being a Victim. What?

Yes. Reflect here... Do you do that? Being a Victim of our own past, or somebody else's actions, something that has happened in the past, our personal beliefs? Maybe the government?

These are the internal dialogues that keep us from evolving. Its normal. We all do that in some way or the other. But its not healthy. We can the ability to be 100% responsible for our life.

The pandemic has been tough for everyone - but we should come out stronger. Not being its victim.

Lets take the charge back and ask yourself, who is driving your life? Who is in-charge?

Chapter 10


You must have heard that "You are a product of your environment." It influences our energy, our vibe, our tribe. It touches our mental and overall wellbeing.

The world outside becomes the world inside, and its a double edged sword. We have the capacity to choose uninspiring, dull, lifeless environments OR positive, creative and energising ones.

Décor is not just about the aesthetics. For us, its much deeper to bring a lasting, positive, conscious change. Its about being meaningful, mindful and positive – to make you feel-good, think-good and live-good!


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