Break -ive thought patterns

Helps foster a positive mindset

Scientifically backed

Social Contributions


Cuts: Negative thought patterns, Unconscious Victimhood, Anxiety, Restlessness.

Induces: Reflection, Self-awareness, Calm, Gratitude, Love, Abundance.

The Science


This mindful thought anchor reminds us through our everyday life to take out a moment to reflect. To count our blessings and seeing the bright side of things. If we change the way we look at life, the life changes. Its so much fuller! 

Gratitude is the antidote of anxiety, restlessness and all the crap feelings. A seed of gratitude destroys negative emotions and thought patterns on auto-pilot. Its no woo-woo, its scientific.
Everyday, we come across millions of data points. All sorts of things, beautiful to crap. Gratitude trains our mind (RAS) to see the bright side. And our life is what we see and what we feel. If we see good, eventually life reflects back the same to us. It magical!

Out of 1440 minutes we have in a day, we can surely take out 3 minutes towards Gratitude, for how this practice lights up our life. But these 3 minutes most likely get swept away by everyday life. That's why we create these anchors to trigger and create fresh thought patterns to bring about positive change. It is powerful. 

So what 3 things are you grateful for? Close your eyes for a few moments, really feel it deep.


The powerful art comes framed, ready to be placed or hung.

Front of the frame: Glass

Height: 44cms
Width: 32cms


Your article will be dispatched within 24 hours of ordering. You can expect to receive your wall art within 3-5 days.

Social Impact

Part of the proceeds from the art go towards feeding hunger for an underprivileged child a healthy meal. The little we can do can make such a big impact for someone across the globe.

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