Process is the Prize


Process is the Prize

Mindful Art.

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Break -ive thought patterns

Helps foster a positive mindset

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Its our love & gratitude

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This mindful thought anchor reminds us through the thick and thin to focus on the process, bestow full trust in it and cherish the journey along the way.

Everyone desires to win. But winning is only a desire, a possible outcome. Process is the actual game, which when executed well, we win for good.

Numerous highly accomplished individuals largely focus on the process, the strategy, everyday hustle and grind, the game - because that's what takes you past the finish line.

"I am grateful to be able to play the game. Going out, adding Value, hustling, grinding, learning, evolving, expressing my creativity, seeing it manifest, all of it is the reward. My everyday hustle and grind puts me in position to succeed. Everything else follows. I enjoy the process, the game, the hustle, the grind. Process is the game, the Prize. It fulfils me.”