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Bloom Extra Long Desk Industrial

2X Space / 2-Person Desk. Minimalist & Industrial. Hand-made by Artisans of India. Natural Wood. Sustainably finished. Premium Home Office Desk
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What it's NOT?

Particle board. Laminate. Artificial wood. Unnatural. Bulky, boring, lifeless & factory-produced desk.

Industrial, mid-century, minimalist, natural.

What we often hear from our customers?
"Its really artsy", "Beautiful wood", "Such a minimalist, yet it's solid and sturdy",
"Unique, OG", "Total feel-good purchase", "Best purchase ever!"

For Wellbeing

Adding biophilic elements in your environment helps nurture higher levels of  creativity, productivity, and feel happier and healthier.

While minimalist, no-fuss design helps get rid of unnecessary stimuli for the brain to process, clutter and bulk on the other hand scientifically leads to brain fog and overwhelm. Decluttering the physical space declutters the mental space. Cherish higher levels of attention and tap into flow states often as ever.

The ergonomic design with optimum 73 cms height helps maintain good posture.



- Loved by 2500+ Bloom Fans across Melbourne (See our 5 star reviews below).

- Hand-crafted by artisans of Punjab, India. Every desk has a story.

- Spark powerful mindful moments connecting with thoughtful engraving “Make it large” through conscious rituals.

- Real wood. Sustainably finished. Consciously procured. Beautiful grains and and natural texture. No fake chemicals, rustic and real.

- 2X the space. 1 desk = 2 desks (minus the BULK). Literally. No need to have 2 different clunky desks spoil the aesthetics of the space that has potential to be so much more! Large desk gives plenty space to co-work or fancy more space for yourself? There's enough to spread out!

- Minimalist design with the accent hairpin steel legs, solid as a rock, adds to its charm and elegance. Much more room to move around too.

- Versatile to be used as a buffet, bar or even an intimate dining for 6 to 8 (now that we can finally host)!

- Desk with a personality and ethos.

Function + Aesthetics + Strength = A timeless piece.


Length: 2100 mm (2X standard desk)
Width: 600 mm
Height: 730 mm

Wood used: Teak wood

Weight Capacity: 50kgs (Great for multiple big screens + laptops + average office filing etc)

Gross Weight: 32 kgs +/- 2 kgs


Shipping is easy. We offer flat shipping prices based on where you are based!

Victoria - Express Shipping (1-3 weeks) - Flat $49
NSW / SA - Express Shipping (1-3 weeks) - Flat $69
QLD / ACT - Express Shipping (1-3 weeks) - Flat $89
WA / NT - Express Shipping (1-4 weeks) - Flat $149
Order now to receive your desk within the next 1 - 3 weeks only (and not months)!

Melbourne, need it assembled?
Our specialised, white-glove team will come and assemble the desk for you at delivery at just $25 per desk. This is available ONLY in Melbourne. Life is good. No dramas.

Track Your Impact

Part of the proceeds from the desk go towards feeding hunger for an underprivileged child 10 healthy meals! The little we can do can make such a big impact for someone across the globe.

And to give back to Mother Earth, we are also very grateful to plant a tree for the beautiful wood we have gotten from the forests.

Read more here

Care Instructions

Just like any other piece of furniture, avoid spilling of liquids or foods. To keep it in the best condition, wipe spills away immediately with a damp cloth.

Good idea,
for you too?

XL Desk = 2 Desks at the cost of 1, minus the bulk.

Spark powerful mindful moments connecting with engravings.

Hand-crafted by artisans of India. Every piece is Unique.

& Industrial.

Sustainably finished FSC™ Certified Wood.

Australia wide Express shipping

Your wellbeing. our priority.

Prioritise your Wellbeing

Declutter your space & mind

The minimalist, no-fuss design helps get rid of unnecessary stimuli that burden the brain to reduces overwhelm, anxiety and declutter the mental space to experience higher levels of attention and flow states.

Maintain a good posture

The ergonomic design with optimum 73 cms height helps maintain good posture.

Connect with nature

Bring a piece of raw nature inside to connect deeper with Mother Earth, especially during the current WFH era where we are spending most of our days indoors - a good chunk of the time at our desks.

Boost your creativity & productivity

Studies and researches suggest that bringing biophilic elements helps nurture higher levels of creativity, productivity, and feel happier and healthier.

What's the buzz all about?


Natural. Artsy. Unordinary.

Crafted from beautiful sustainable wood, lets you connect with nature while being home. Every desk has a story.

Smartly designed that charms the space with an elegant and classy appeal.


Spark powerful mindful moments

Nurture a ritual of mindfulness by engaging with the Make it Large engraving - be it placing your palm or a finger for a minute, setting an intention and going back to work with laser focus. 


More Space = Freedom

With 2X more space than a standard desk ensures you have enough space and freedom to do anything you want!

Come pursue your passion, your side hustle or a hobby! Lets make more space for it! Lets create amazing rad stuff!


A warm setup to co-work with your loved ones

q: What's a décor disaster?

a: 2 different desks in the same room. Even worse, bulky ones. Flimsy ones.

Sarah shares, "We got the desk for my partner and I to WFH. The desk is a brilliant space efficient solution to co-work with ample space for both of us. Love it to bits!" The theme has been similar for several others.


Handmade with love by Artisans of India

The desks are made and finished sustainably by artisans of Punjab, India and not mass produced in a factory in China. Every piece is special and offers unique natural features.


Use it as a buffet, bar or an intimate dining

Got friends coming over for dinner?

Lovely! Create amazing memories with your loved ones around the cheekily versatile table. It makes a great buffet, legendary bar or even an intimate dining table.

Its flawlessly Versatile and complimented on all the time!

They chose to bloom

100% recommend Bloom

Frequently Asked Questions

Why you created the Bloom Desks?

Sick of the ordinary, clumsy particle-board desks available everywhere around, the artist in us needed to bring in some elegance, class and a personality. Our core intention with the desk is to bring the nature inside and simply connect.

Driven by design, we want you to have the freedom with space to do the epic stuff you want to do. Or, create a cozy space to co-work with our loved ones (minus the clutter, rather with seamless style). When did we get this opportunity before?!

Desks are one of many product lines we are intend to launch and have a greater impact. Desks are just the start!

Here's a sign for you to join us on the ride!

How much weight can my desk hold?

It rocks a weight capacity of 50 kgs. Its a timeless piece of art and so shall it be for decades to come .

What wood is it?

Teak wood. The wood is the actual beauty of the desk. Being heavy and dense makes it perfect for a desk. Its has been procured keeping in mind responsible forestry and the bush fires, and it is credibly FSC-certified.
Its also finished sustainably using vegetarian oils and waxes. We don’t overdo it by using any of the unsustainable chemicals.

Do you offer a discount for bulk orders?

3+ furniture items? Save 10% applied automatically at checkout or use code save-10

5+ furniture items? Save 20% applied automatically at checkout or use code save-20

10+ furniture items? Email us at and our team will get back to you!

How long will my delivery take?

We are quick! You can expect the delivery within 1 - 3 weeks of ordering, if available. For custom orders, you can expect your desk to arrive within 2 - 4 weeks (and not a few months)!

Is there a limit to where you can deliver?

We now deliver across Australia so place your order now!

How easy is it to assemble the desk?

Its quite easy! All it takes it 8-10 mins. All you need is a Philips-head (+) Screwdriver.

Where can I collect? And will someone help me with the loading?

You can collect your desk from our Studio at 38 Brynor Crescent, Glen Waverley. It usually takes up to only 2 days for the order to be ready for collection and there is no service or delivery cost associated for collection. Just choose collection at checkout. Of course! We’ll help you load everything!

Will I get my desk assembled or disassembled?

Your desk will be disassembled when you collect or when we drop. You can choose to get it assemble through our specialised team for the small fee mentioned above.

Can I use my long desk as a table?

Yes, Yes, & Yes! Its your desk - you can use it for whatever you want - use it as a bar, buffet or a dining table.

How do I care for my desk?

Just like any other piece of furniture, avoid spilling of liquids or foods. To keep it in the best condition, wipe spills away immediately with a damp cloth.

1 Desk.
1 Tree planted.
10 Meals served.

Every piece contributes to feeding hunger for underprivileged children in India and Africa and planting a tree to give back to Mother Earth.